Brix Balancing Tank


Welding and Installation Service

- On site welding and installation service for your facility's plumbing
- Plumbing is all made of stainless steel (tanks, osmosis, evaporators, syrup handling)
- Installation service for our sales only
- TIG welding
- Regional service
- For more information, contact your local store or representative

Brix Balancing Tank

- 240 gallons, stainless steel tank
- Urethane insulated tank
- Atage Beach Refractometer, with continuous reading, between 0-80 brix
- 1/8 HP mixing and circulation pump
- Integrated syrup level
- Allows the balancing of large quantities of syrup, and to produce uniform batches of syrup

Ref Code Description Price
A 280993 240 gallons brix balancing tank PRICE IN STORE
B 132933 Brix reader 4-20 MA PRICE IN STORE

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