Maple Butter Machine


Maple Butter Mixer Dominion & Grimm

Mixer holding up to 2 gallons of maple syrup;
Very short mixing time;
1/2 HP - 110 Volts electric motor;
1" brass Oberdorfer gear pump;
All stainless steel plumbing & fittings;
Quick disconnect fittings for cleaning the tank and the plumbing.
264306 - Maple Butter Mixer Dominion & Grimm


Maple Butter Machine Dominion & Grimm

1/2 HP -110V motor;
Tig welded;
Pulleys and belt driven;
It's easier to make maple butter with this machine;
Pans and paddles are all in stainless steel.
265747 - Complete Machine including 2 pans
206306 - Extra pan
265723 -  2 stainless steel paddles

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