Dominion & Grimm Reverse Osmosis 3000- 4000 GPH

3 or 4 stainless steel housing 8" x 84"
6 or 8 membranes 8" x 40"
2 types of membranes available: Hydraunautic PVD1 or Filmtec Mark One;
3 or 4 multi task pumps 7.5 hp pumps with patented turbo integration (depending on model);
5 or 7.5 hp feed pumps (depending on model);
50 gallons wash tank;
CSA approved electric panel;
Very short wash times;
1 concentrate flow meter;
3 or 4 permeate flow meters;
1 sampling valves for each flow meter;
Digital thermometer;
Automatic shut off when feed tank is empty;
Three way valves and quick coupler (NY Glass);
Capable of achieving high concentration.
 Available with 6 or 8 membranes (8" x 40") capable of procesing 3000 - 4000 GPH.


Osmose Dominion & Grimm R/O system - parallèle 1600 à 4000 gallons/heure

2 pumps 7.5 HP multi-stage;
1 pump 5HP feed pump;
1 recirculation pump;
3 stainless steel membrane housings;
3 membranes 8'' x 40'' Hydranautics or Filmtec;
50 gallons wash tank;
CSA-approved electric panel;
Very fast wash and rinse cycles;
Automatic shut off when temperature is too high or feed tank is empty;
Digital thermometer;
Flow meter and control valve for each membrane;
Three-way valves and quick-connect couplings (ny-glass);
Optional: Stainless steel control panel (available for all models);
Parallel rinsing ensures optimal cleaning as one or two membranes only are cleaned at a time. this washing system is exclusive to D&G.;
This system produces concentrate sap of up to 16° brix;
8''x 80'' housing includes two parallel 8'' x 40'' membranes place end to end.


2000 Gallons Parallel Series R/O System

2 stainless steel housing 8' x 80'';
4 membranes of 8'' x 40''.


Osmosis Parallel Serie System Dominion & Grimm

Membrane 600 GPH - TFC;
Stainless steel 8" x 80" with membrane 8" x 40" Hydranautics or Filmtec;
7.5 HP multi stage stainless steel pump with patented integrated turbo (1, 2, 3 or 4 pumps);
Wheel kit;
Quiet operation;
3 HP, 5 HP or 7.5 HP feed pump for 1000 to 4000 GPH model;
CSA approved electrical panel;
Ultra quick rinsing;
50 gallons washing tank with water level protection;
High temperature automatic shut off;
Flowmeters and concentrate valve for each membrane;
Automatic shut-off when sap feed is blocked or tank empty;
Three way valves and quick couplers (NY-glass);
Option: stainless steel panel control.
New parallel reverse osmosis system, on which the plumbing is designed in such away that the fast rinsing and cleaning of the membrane is done in parallel;
Also, this parallel system allows to obtain a higher concentrate solution.


Mini-Modular R/O Machine 120 or 240 GPH

1 or 2 membranes high performance 4" x 40" - 120 or 240 GPH (Filmtec or Hydranautics);
100 mesh pre-filter;
2" x 10" pre-filter - 10 microns;
Automatic shut-off when sap tank is empty;
1 stainless steel vessel;
1 washing tank;
3 way valve for cleaning purposes;
1 Panel including: sap temperature, flowmeter for concentrate with valve;
Membrane pressure gauge;
Flowmeter for permeate;
1 Multi-stage motor 3HP-220 V;
1 CSA approved electrical panel;
Instructions printed on washing tank;
Feed pump 1 HP.
For small sugaring operation up to 1500 taps. This model is expandable on request.

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