Gould Pumps IPH - 23OV - ODP

385001 - 3/4 CV - 1ST
385018 - 1 CV - 1 ST
385025 - 1.5 CV - 1 ST
385032 - 2 CV - 1 ST
385049 - 3 CV - ST
Made in stainless steel. Pumps 2 stages and 3 stages availables.


Mini Vacuum Pump

3/4 HP electric motor or gas motor;
Vacuum pump 8 CFM;
Magnetic starter (thermostat not included);
Flood oil recuperator (temperature gauge not included);
Humidity trap;
Vacuum control;
Oil level;
Check valve (Sap extractor not included).
For 1000 taps or less.


Open Baldor Electric Motor

Code HP RPM Phase
096914 2 1800 115/208 - 230 1ph
096945 3 1800 115/208 - 230 1ph
096976 5 1800 208 - 230 1ph
097003 7.5 1800 208 - 230 1ph
097034 10 1800 208 - 230 1ph
 All voltages and HP motors available in inventory. Also available Marathon motor.



The vacuum pump model Hydrovac is entirely independent unit powered by gas or diesel;
Gas or diesel powered motor replaces the electric motor which drives the D&G vacuum pump and the differents water pumps depending on the morphology of the land and the number of tap.



D&G Vacuum Pump and Oil Reclaimer ''Flood''

Pump characteristics
Superior quality;
Oil cooled vacuum pump;
These pumps include a wide range of accessories making them safe and efficient;
Humidity trap port 1 1/2'', 2'' ou 3''
Automatic shut-off control;
Temperature control;
Vacuum control, manometer;
Available with electric motor from 1.5 HP up to 20 HP;
Available with HONDA gas motor;
Available with diesel motor;
Flood reclaimer.
D&G "FLOOD" oil reclaimer characteristics
99% oil reclaimed;
Allow the vacuum pump to operate the much cooler temperature;
Allow the vacuum pump to work at high vacuum rate;
All inside components are flaoting in oil;
Reduces the noise of the pump by more that 50%;
No oiler adjustement;
Oil self sufficient for over 100 hours;
Exhaust is environmentaly friendly;
Available in all sizes.

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