EcoVap - Electric Evaporator

Energized from Steam
Environmentally friendly
No combustion of fuel or wood
No fuel tank, no fired arch, no silo and no smoke stack
Reduces risk of fire in the sugarhouse
No risk to burn pans
Easy to clean and operate
Fully automatic
Low consumption of energy per gallon of syrup produced
Continuous process, temperature controlled
Excellent control and great quality of syrup produced



D&G "Thunderbolt" Evaporator

Hight efficienty oil fired arch;
New arch "4 pass" design with fuel and hot air recirculation;
Pre-heated air before entering the burner;
Pre-heated oil before entering the burner;
"Power Flame" burner;
Modulator burner adjusting oil and air flow (variable pressure burner);
1 to 3 HP motor depending on the evaporator size;
Best industry ratio;
Thermal insulation made of ceramic wool and brick (3000 F);
Electronic controls;
Lateral sidewalk stainless steel to access flue pans;
Pan made of # 304 stainless steel (22 et 20 gauges);
Plumbing totally in stainless steel;
Entirely tig welded;
Burner is integrated in the evaporator arch;
Very quiet;
Available in the following sizes: 3' x 14' / 4' x 16' / 5' x 16' / 6' x 17';
The "Thuderbolt" pictured is a prototype size 4' x 16' 2005;
2 years warranty on parts and labor.

362194 Two way electric sap level control (Front/Back)
362231 Auto burned shut-off integrated on sap feed for flue pan
362255 Auto burned shot-off integrated on front pan sap transfer
 Options not included


Oil Fired Evaporator

Arch structure steel of high quality;
Arch structure painted blue;
Side panels in stainless or galvanized steel;
Superior thermal insulation (3 thickness of ceramic wool);
Burner box insulation to reduce noise (optional);
Carlin burner no 301, 701 or 801  CRD;
Pans made of stainless steel no 304 (20 and 22 gauges);
Plumbing standard stainless steel (optional for valves) Entirely tig welded;
Standard plumbing in stainless steel (except valves, stainless steele optional);
Available in all models and sizes.
The automatic burner shut-off system can be integrated to the electric valve;
Probe added inside sap gauge tube;
A second set of lights installed on the front control panel;
Buzzer alarm;
362200 - Flue pan electric sap feed control;
362224 - Electric valve for front pan sap transfer;
362194 - Two-way electric sap level control (front/back);
362231 - Auto burner shut-off integrated on sap feed for flue pan;
362255 - Auto burner shut-off integrated on front pan sap transfer ;


"Tornado" High Efficiency Woodfired Arch

Increase in energy efficiency;
Wood savings up to 25% resulting from optimum recovery of gases produced by the wood;
Increase in boiling rate by 20%;
High pressure air blower modulator for variable speeds (1 CV to 3 CV);
The system of recuperation of the heat increases your efficiency;
Maximization reburn all the harmful gases;
An air duct system which preheats the air before it enters the arch;
Solid heavy duty construction;
Insulated and brick-lined in plant;
Adjustable air dampers;
Raised flue pan only;
Available in various sizes.

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