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3.5 x 14 Thunderbolt Oil Evaporator

  • Powerflame burner
  • Arch, complete set of pans
  • Electric valves and integrated shut off burner, sap inverter and draw-off central system, butterfly valves 1.5", steam hood, preheater, steam hood light and antifoam dispenser

Price: $ 39,850.00 + taxes

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3.5x14 Champion Oil Evaporator

  • Arch and burner cover\
  • Carlin burner 701
  • Complete set of pans
  • Electric valves, integrated shut off burner, butterfly valves 1.5", steam hood and preheater, integrated light and antifoam, ready for automatic pan washer and 3" drain

Price: $ 31,950.00 + taxes

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Demo, 3x13 Oil Evaporator

  • New arch and insulation
  • Set of pans slightly used for exhibition
  • New Carlin burner 701
  • SS steam hood and preheater

Price: $ 18,550.00 + taxes


Used 5x16 Tornado Wood Fired Evaporator, High Efficiency

  • New insolation
  • Commplete set of pans with new float box
  • SS preheater
  • Back blower with dock available from 1' to 4'

Price: $ 29,500.00 + taxes

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